Monument Academy Public Charter School

Values and Beliefs


1. Equip for Life: Our measure of success for students is not only college and career, but also a meaningful life in their community. 

​2. Cultivate Growth Mindset: Students and staff should see that their abilities and possibilities are achieved through hard work and persistence, and that this approach fosters resilience and a true love of learning.

3. Connect the Dots: Students should have an engaging, relevant, challenging, and meaningful education that shows them how the effort they make to grow academically and emotionally helps them reach their life goals.

4. Learn from Mistakes: Everyone fails sometimes, and this is an opportunity for growth. For students, structure and discipline is caring and prioritizes their ability to self-regulate, learn, make academic progress, and maintain permanency in their homes.

5. Own It: Students will succeed when they are given the tools and support to question and engage deeply in their learning from trusted, caring adults in a safe and healthy environment.

6. Sustain Staff: Staff should have the time and space to learn, collaborate with each other, reflect, and celebrate.

7. Embrace Families and Community: Caregivers are engaged, valued members of the team; school includes the workplace, other schools, universities, community organizations, and a diversity of people, backgrounds, and experiences.

8. It's "And" not "Or": The debate over whether education OR well-being OR life skills OR connection matters most to students is false. Each is equally important and should be seamlessly integrated in the life of the school.