Monument Academy Public Charter School

Boarding and Student Life

Students board at Monument Academy from Sunday evening through to Friday afternoon. They live in small, family-style single gender homes. There are two Houseparents who live on campus for each home of 10 students. There is also a Director of Student Life and Extended Day Learning who lives on campus and supervises the Houseparents, and a Resident Assistant who is awake and on duty through the night.


The student homes include bedrooms and bathrooms for the students, a separate suite for Houseparents, and a common living and dining/kitchen area. Each home is decorated in a unique way and students have the opportunity to personalize their living space.


In the morning, students and their Houseparents together prepare their morning meal, enjoy a fitness activity and set goals before students head to class. In the afternoon, Houseparents greet students after their on-campus afternoon enrichment activities. They prepare and eat dinner together family-style, before evening reading homework and activities. These activities might include community meetings, board games or a movie night. Houseparents also teach students basic life skills, such as meal preparation, nutrition, how to take care of their home and do laundry.


Safety is always paramount. With our low ratio of students to Houseparents we are able to provide a high degree of supervision. In addition, all our Houseparents are trained in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and Trauma Systems Therapy. There will be a social worker on duty through the evening hours to provide extra support to students and staff.