Monument Academy Public Charter School


Personalized and Experience Based


Each Monument Academy student will engage in a personalized learning journey that is experience-based, includes choice, and outlines high expectations.  We will develop self-directed learners by engaging students in academic goal setting and structuring an environment that provides options for how students access content, practice new skills, and demonstrate mastery of the standards.  Monument Academy will implement a Common Core-aligned curriculum with attention to both the rigor of the content and the teaching practices necessary to help all students achieve mastery.  This focus will ensure that our students grapple with real world problems and effectively navigate complex texts.  In addition to learning in a traditional classroom, our students will be exposed to the educational landscape of Washington, DC and beyond.  Through a series of field trips, service trips, and guest speakers, our students will connect their learning to their immediate community and the world.  

Our middle school schedule was developed with large portions of time set aside for personalized instruction.  Students have two primary blocks of instructional time with a maximum of a 1:10 student to adult ratio.  One block focuses on Science and Math and the other one on Literacy and Humanities.  The schedule is intentionally designed to be flexible and to allow time for acceleration as well as intervention, understanding that our students will come with a variety of academic needs.  Our goal is to create an environment where each student can work at his/her individual pace and with the appropriate materials.  


Students have a social lunch, extended recess, and opportunities for arts and other creative activities.


The seventh and eighth grade schedule provides the same amount of flexibility for personalized instruction.  Our goal is to use the middle school years to get students where they need to be academically so that they can be well prepared for high school.  This is one step toward our ultimate goal of preparing all of our students to be college-ready, embark on a meaningful career, and positively contribute to their community.


Monument Academy’s instructional philosophy is grounded in the belief in the capacity of all students to grow and learn, and that all students can experience positive life outcomes with proper guidance and supports. A growth mindset for both students and adults is the starting point, where effort and not “talent” is the primary mechanism for achievement. The school emphasizes personalized and experience-based learning as keys to engaging students and achieving academic growth and mastery of Common Core standards. Monument Academy also places significant emphasis on the well-being and life skills curriculum to ensure that students are not only prepared academically, but also to live independently and successfully when the graduate from high school and continue on to post-secondary and careers.