Monument Academy Public Charter School

A Day at Monument Academy

Rise and Shine


Students receive a personal wake-up and eat a family-style breakfast with their Houseparent and Student Life Family. Students share a personal daily goal with their family and head out to play a morning family game. After morning exercise, the students move to the academic building for the morning focus activities.


Morning Focus


Well-being is weaved throughout all aspects of our program. Every morning, students and staff begin each academic day practicing mindfulness and then engage in a group lesson around important social skills. The morning block sets students up for a focused, successful day.


Academic Blocks


Students have 2 daily academic blocks with a maximum of a 1:10 student to adult ratio. One block focuses on Literacy and Humanities and the other on Math and Science. Between these 2 blocks, students have a social lunch, extended recess, and opportunities for PE, arts, and other creative activities. Classroom instruction is personalized and designed to provide all students with choice, movement, and authentic learning experiences.


Student Life Activities


After the academic day, students engage in enrichment activities that might include sports, cooking club, choir, theater, or service clubs. Dinner is eaten family-style and then students do their reading homework and have time to relax with evening family activities like community meetings, board games, or movie night. We provide a warm, home-like environment in the boarding program while embedding students’ acquisition of important independent living skills.


Closing the Day


Before students prepare for bed, they reflect on the daily goal they set in the morning. The Houseparent and the other students in the family celebrate and support one another in this process. Students then read or journal in their rooms until lights out.


Drop-off and Pickup


Early Sunday evening, students are dropped off and families have a chance to speak with staff. The same opportunity exists on Friday afternoon when students are picked up for the weekend. The purpose of a structured drop-off and pick-up is to establish and develop relationships with caregivers and to keep lines of communication open to ensure a seamless transient between home and school life.

Monument Academy offers a safe, structured daily experience that holds our students to high academic expectations and supports their journey to independence.